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Born under Sirius is:

Joe Klotz - Guitar & Vocals
Tony Paletti - Bass
Jeremy Schmitt - Drums

It was as if a little part of all of us had died. Science had long ago disproven any kind of extrasensory perceptions that some once thought may lay dormant in our minds. But there is no question about it; when the cataclysm took place, even though we were not in the same galaxy as Earth, we all knew it...we all had felt it. Be it something that logic and reason had failed to detect within the electricity that makes up our brains, or just some deep rooted racial awareness. We had gone from a population of over one trillion human beings to the remaining few million of us who were adrift in this space hulk; a floating city. There were hopes that when we reached Sirius we would inhabit a new planet; another Earth with water, a breathable atmosphere, and a majestic, untouched wilderness. But I have grave doubts. If we could not tend to our own planet, would we be able to do better a second time around?

There is a bank of every biological organism that had existed on Earth contained within the hull of this ship; plants, animals, all the way down to microbiological life. With this at my disposal, I will most certainly be able to find a suitable solution: An end to all human life once and for all for the greater good of the universe.

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